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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help other dog owners in the UK by answering the most common dog breeding and dog fertility questions we are asked. If you need assistance or advice and you do not find an answer on this page please call or email us.

I Want to Breed My Dog – Where Do I Begin?2022-10-10T16:08:01+00:00

The breeding and mating of two animals (dog breeding) is an entirely natural experience that occurs across all species and sub-species. Denying your pet at least one litter is not something that is recommended by Mother Nature. However, this does not mean you should go ahead and breed your pet right away. It is vital to take the necessary precautions and consider the consequences of doing so, to ensure each animal is cared for correctly.

At Canine Scanning, we make it our mission to keep every pet and every owner happy. Our highly specialised staff and our 30 years of experience come hand-in-hand when assisting our customers; no pet leaves without a wagging tail!

So, where do I begin with dog breeding?

There are two important factors you must consider – whether you have a suitable stud dog and whether you should begin to progesterone test.

Due to our large customer base, we have a wealth of stud dogs available at your disposal, so please contact us if you require any assistance when sourcing a stud dog.

With regards to progesterone testing, this is something we recommend for all dogs. It allows you to determine the best day to mate your bitch, pinpointing her period of ovulation. All that is required is a small blood sample from your pet, of which is ran through our advanced progesterone testing machine at our clinic – results are available within 30 minutes.

I think my dog is ready!

When the period of ovulation is detected, we can advise on what day to mate your dog. At our clinic, we suggest that you artificially inseminate your bitch, rather than naturally mate her. Artificial insemination is a quick, clean and straightforward procedure that reduces any risk of STI contraction and maximises your chances of a successful mating. The sperm is manually deposited and then flushed through the urethra with prostatic fluid from the male. The entire procedure takes approximately 10 minutes.

Okay, but how do I know if she is pregnant?

We recommend an ultrasound scan at 21-days. A full count of puppies can be detected, and if an infection is developing, we can see this very clearly. Although it is exceptionally uncommon, any disease is a severe condition that can and should only be viewed through specialist equipment.

So, whether you are looking for a new puppy to add to your family, or you simply think it would be within your pet’s best desires to have a litter, Canine Scanning is here to help, with 24-hour assistance, seven days a week. We offer all services with regards to fertility and would be delighted to assist you with any concerns you may have.

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How Much Are Stud Dog Services?2022-10-10T16:01:08+00:00

How Much Are Stud Dog Services?

Stud dog service prices vary, depending on the dog chosen. Please feel free to give us a call at Canine Scanning to discuss your chosen stud dog and his particular fees. Read more….

How to Find & Choose the Best Stud Dog?2022-10-10T16:15:55+00:00

At Canine Scanning, we have a wide selection of stud dog’s available. All of our stud dogs are pedigree and from pure bloodlines. Choose from an array of stud dogs to find the right one for your bitch. Read more….

How much does artificial insemination cost for dogs?2018-07-13T14:15:58+00:00

Artificial Insemination costs start at £35 from Canine Scanning (at our premises). We also offer a mobile service which means that we can come to you. Read more….

How long can a dog be in labour?2018-07-13T14:17:54+00:00

Your bitch will begin to strain before starting to give birth to the puppies and in between each puppy being born, she may rest. If she rests for longer than two hours, it is time for assistance from a vet. Read more….

How much is an ultrasound for a dog?2018-07-13T14:13:56+00:00

At Canine Scanning the cost of an ultrasound for your dog is between £30 and £50 at our premises. We also offer a mobile service, so we can travel to you. Read more….

Is there a new law for microchipping?2018-07-13T14:18:14+00:00

Microchipping is now compulsory since 6th April 2016 for all dog owners in England. Read more….

Will Microchipping hurt my pet?2018-07-13T14:18:40+00:00

No, Microchipping will not hurt your pet. No anesthetic is required and this procedure should cause no more discomfort than a standard vaccination. Read more….

What is Microchipping?2018-07-13T11:06:01+00:00

A Microchip is something the size of a grain of rice which is inserted under the pet’s skin and contains a 15 digit unique code. This procedure is carried out by a Vet or Trained Microchip Implanter which takes only a few minutes and lasts a life time. Read more….

When can I get my dog scanned?2018-07-13T11:34:58+00:00

A dog can be scanned from 21 days for confirmation of pregnancy however for a accurate count we recommend between 25-35 days. Read more….

What is Artificial Insemination?2018-07-13T11:04:23+00:00

Artificial Insemination (also known as AI) is the process of collecting semen and depositing through artificial means into the vagina of the receptive bitch. This is an alternative way of naturally mating your bitch. Read more…

How long is a dog pregnant for?2018-07-13T11:26:24+00:00

A dog is pregnant for about 63 days. This is measured from the day they ovulate (release their eggs) to the day the puppies arrive. Read more….

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