How To Breed Dogs

According to, the domestication of dogs from wolves began as early as 18,800 to 32,100 years ago in Europe. Since then, many dogs have been bred and the introduction of new breeds has occurred. Notably, Chihuahuas, Akitas, German Shepards, and more have been bred for specific purposes; whether they are for aesthetics or for work is a topic for another day. This article teaches how to breed dogs for beginners.

As of 2021, there are 195 recognised breeds, with 79 additional working towards full recognition. 

Yet, many stud owners and/or general dog owners don’t know how to breed a dog, or even where to find a stud dog/female. 

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Fortunately, Canine Scanning is here to help – we have over 30 years of experience as canine fertility specialists and we help thousands of people to breed dogs for the first time. 

The Day You Notice Blood

One day, your female will have her first season. This is a dog-equivalent of a human menstrual cycle, and of course the beginning of an exciting time for first-time dog breeders. 

Typically, a female will bleed from her back end for a maximum of 4 weeks (although this may continue for longer) and will ovulate at some point during this time. Swelling of the vulva may occur for some time, too.

The timing of ovulation is arguably the most important aspect of breeding a bitch. If accurate monitoring of the progesterone levels does not take place, then there is a high chance you may not see success. 

Canine Scanning offers an easy, stress-free solution to this. A progesterone test is a simple yet brilliant method of monitoring levels of progesterone in a female. All that is required is a small sample of blood that is ran through our highly specialised progesterone testing machine – results are available within 30 minutes. This reputable service allows you to find out when to mate a dog to ensure a successful conception and minimise monetary losses. It is incredibly important when learning how to breed dogs.

When Do Seasons Occur?

“When will my dog be in season?” – it is typical for an average dog to have their first season at roughly 6 months old. If you are looking for an age to breed your dog, we do suggest that breedings only take place from the second season and that your female is at least 12 months of age, as complications may occur if bred too early.

Find A Stud Dog To Breed

Once you know that your female is ready to be mated, you will need a stud dog. We do advise that you begin to search or find a stud dog a short while before your bitch is due in season to ensure correct timing. 

Canine Scanning offers the best dog breeding services in the country, covering areas such as the North West (Liverpool and Manchester) but also across the country in general (London and Birmingham). Due to our large customer base, we also have a variety of stud dogs available to use. A male dog can breed from 10 months +, therefore we ensure all our dogs are of age and are physically healthy before advertising them to stud. 

If you are looking for a male dog (a stud dog to breed your dog), then please contact us as soon as possible

Furthermore, we also ensure all our stud dogs have exceptional semen and sperm quality before advertising them – we are the U.K’s number one solution to breeding your dog.

Artificial Insemination To Breed Dogs

The best method for mating dogs is artificial insemination. Instead of struggling with anxious, aggressive dogs that refuse to even play together, artificial insemination services completely minimise the chances of harm and maximise the chances of success; by placing the sperm directly in the cervix, you have a high possibility of a correct conception and can reduce fears of wasted money. 

Canine Scanning offer quality-assured artificial insemination services; a sample of semen is collected from the male, the sperm is quality-checked through our machine before being inseminated into the bitch. 

With natural matings, dogs can be tied for up to 2 hours, often enough time for the female to exhibit pain and distress.

With Canine Scanning, you can rest assured that top comfort and care is radiated from our team.

No anesthesia is required. Simply the male, the female, and an element of expertise.

Ultrasound Scanning or Pregnancy Test For Dogs?

Due to our knowledge and experience, Canine Scanning can scan and detect pups in pregnant dogs from just 21-days. In fact, an earlier scan allows us to detect infection and alert the owner to any potential reabsorption of puppies in the womb.

Pregnancy tests for dogs, on the other hand, are not worth it. They can cause a lot of distress to the dog and can often give false results, leading owners to believe their pet is not pregnant until 60 days later when a litter of puppies arrives. Moreover, dog pregnancy tests can also state that a dog is pregnant when in reality there are no puppies and the female is experiencing a phantom pregnancy. Dog gestation is a difficult code to crack, but with Canine Scanning’s experience, you can rest assured that the safety of your bitch is in good hands.

Dog pregnancy symptoms can exhibit in numerous different ways. Most pet owners worry about how to know if their dog is pregnant. Immediately after mating, you may notice your pet to be more lethargic or lazier than usual. Further down the line, your female may show an increase in size, or have coloured discharge from her vulva.

Semen Analysis

Ultimately, the best method of detecting or testing for dog pregnancy is by performing an ultrasound scan.


Breeding dogs is a lot less of a struggle than ostensibly believed. With the help of the team at Canine Scanning, you can face a much easier life with your pet and ensure they receive the best levels of care and comfort when pregnant. We offer some of the world’s best aftercare with 24/7 advice available on our contact forms.

We strongly encourage anyone looking to breed their dog to contact us at their earliest convenience. 

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