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Artificial Insemination for Dogs

Canine Scanning can now offer a complete chilled dog semen shipping service, which enables us to offer fully tested and prepared dog semen for sale from our own pedigree stud dogs. We can prepare and ship chilled dog semen anywhere worldwide within 48-hours from our Liverpool-based canine sperm bank.

Artificial insemination is a cleaner, less stressful and more affordable alternative to transporting your bitch long distances for stud dog services. Speak to our canine reproduction specialists today to find out how we can support your breeding programme with our chilled semen delivery service.

Fully Tested Canine Spermatozoa 

All of our chilled dog semen samples are fully analysed for volume, motility and morphology of the canine spermatozoa. That means we can guarantee a high success rate, giving you peace of mind that when you buy chilled semen from Canine Scanning you investment will result in successful breeding.

All of our stud dogs are fully free of STDs, due to the fact that we will never allow them to tie with a bitch. We also prepare our dog’s chilled semen with antibiotics to further preserve the life of the canine spermatozoa and reduce the likelihood of bacterial infections.

Buy Dog Semen

The advantages of buying chilled dog semen from Canine Scanning include:

  • High success rate
  • Less stressful for the bitch
  • Save on transport costs
  • Worldwide FedEx shipping
  • Fully tested and prepared
  • Little risk of STDs
  • Available within 48-hours
  • Sourced from pedigree stud dogs

Canine Scanning also offers a range of complementary services. For example, if you’re based in the North West of England, then we can carry out artificial insemination for you to ensure the likelihood of a successful pregnancy.

We can also provide mobile ultrasound scanning during the gestation period and whelping assistance when your bitch is ready to pup. Plus, we will also check over your dog to ensure that she is fully fit to breed and carry pups, identifying any potential risks in the process.

Artificial Insemination for Dogs

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