Mating Assistance

Mating assistance

At Canine Scanning, we understand that you might prefer to breed your dog naturally rather than through artificial insemination. However, achieving a successful natural pregnancy can prove difficult. This is often because the bitch is either unready or stressed, which can lead to disappointment, unnecessary cost and avoidable anxiety for the dog.

We specialise in providing first-class mating assistance that delivers a high success rate. Our many years of experience mean we know how to get dogs to mate efficiently. We have the skills and knowledge to relax your bitch and minimise any stress for her and your chosen stud dog. We take our time with the process, making sure the dogs are given time to get to know each another and aren’t unduly rushed.

Breeding Your Dog For The First Time

If you are breeding your dog for the first time, Canine Scanning’s experts are experienced at dealing with all types of breeds and temperaments. We can help to breed your dog, whether it’s timid or aggressive. We can also deliver our mating assistance services either at our Liverpool premises or we can come to you with our mobile service.

Our mobile mating services are available across a wide area of the North West of England. The benefit of our mobile service is that we can offer specialist dog breeding tips in the comfort of your own home, where your bitch is likely to be at her most relaxed.

Dog Pregnancy Test

Breed Your Dog Safely and Successfully

We will also undertake a full health check of your dog to ensure she is 100% fit and there are no underlying health issues that could be a risk to her and any potential puppies. If we suspect there are any hazards, we will recommend that you consult with a veterinarian before continuing with any breeding activities.

The health and wellbeing of your dog is always our number one priority. As part of our advisory service, we’ll recommend the best course of action to ensure a safe, successful and satisfactory outcome. Sometimes bitches will reject a stud dog. In which case, we’ll offer artificial insemination as an effective alternative.

Mating Assistance – Prices

We charge £40.00 Per Mating Assistance if this is done at our premises. We also offer a mobile mating assistance service which means we could travel to you.  Please call us for details on pricing and to ensure we cover your area.  We offer the mobile mating assistance service within 100 mile radius of our location (shown below)

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