The centre of our lives. There’s nothing we love more than a happy dog. At Canine Scanning, we believe the attitude of our dogs reflects upon ourselves. And we know many of us around the world feel the same too. Aspiring for nothing but perfection, our compassion and flexibility for man’s best friend reaches further than anywhere in the country. That’s why we have been established for over 30 years. Our skills gained throughout our journey have led us to our current position –  standing out from amongst the rest.


As we are a family run, we feel a great connection to each of our customers; going above and beyond comes as a standard. Providing top-notch services leaves us with a grand feeling of fulfilment as we watch our customers leave with a smile on their face, and their pets with a wagging tail. We are a community, not a business. Not only do we offer services beneficial to the customer, but also a goody bag full of general advice. Our ability to stay unique, tailoring our work to the community sets us above the rest and attracts those who care for their pets.


Recognised throughout the breeding community, we are a group of highly trained and specialist dog handlers. Our clinic is open 24/7 to suit your needs.

We have numerous social media handles full of reviews from our customers; we frequently engage with our followers, so please do check us out!

Furthermore, we have a dedicated page to our testimonials, but you can also check our Google Business page here!


Our family team have grown up in a dog environment. Naturally, this has built a strong foundation between animals and us; it is our bread and butter. Throughout our lives, we have developed a significant amount of wisdom, understanding, and proficiency to aid us when dealing with dogs. We believe in rehabilitation, too. So, there is no such thing as a dog that is “too aggressive” nor “too shy”.

We knew we needed to put our capabilities to use in such a way which benefits not only ourselves but also the customer. This is why we like to reflect on our knowledge and expertise, providing you with the opportunity to begin your journey into the world of breeding. We offer general advice and are happy to answer any questions you have.

German Shepards after artificial insemination
fawn pug at vet


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