Contracts are an essential part of our daily lives. They give each and every one of us rights for all aspects of life and maintain good law and order.

Canine Scanning have created a free stud dog contract for download at the bottom of this page.

For example, when you purchase a product or services from a retailer in the U.K, you are protected by Consumer Law.

Upon purchase, the retailer automatically enters a contract with you to ensure the product you receive is of the said standard. If you have any problems with the product or service within six years of purchase, you are entitled to a repair or replacement, completely free of charge.

From this example, we can see how a free stud dog contract can be very useful in the dog breeding community. But this poses the question – what exactly is a stud dog contract?

What Is A Stud Dog Contract?

As seen above, contracts help maintain a balance two parties. It ensure contractors and clients remain true to their word, offering a replacement or repair if products or services are not as described. However, contracts are also used as mutual agreements between two parties, irrespective of a product or service.

For example, in the dog breeding community, you may be asked to sign a contract – this may be for veterinary services, the use of a stud dog, or co-operative breeding.

This contract should include all terms of agreement that all parties must agree to and act accordingly. A popular inclusion is an NDA, or Non-Disclosure Agreement.

An NDA means anyone involved in the agreement/contract must not discuss the terms with any party not involved in the agreement. This may be due to the sensitive nature of the terms or the importance of secrecy.

If a party acts outside the terms of agreement, the contract should be nulled immediately.

What Should A Stud Dog Contract include?

Typically, a stud dog contract will include terms of agreement that both parties understand and agree. This ensures a safe and streamlined breeding process with little room for disagreements or confusion. A good contract will be between two well-intended individuals of whom wish only the best for eachother. A healthy relationship between both parties helps to minimise disagreements and any potential for a void contract. Moreover, both parties should include a witness to observe both signatures.

Here are some things you may wish to include in a stud dog contract:

  • Party information – this is the information of the people or companies involved. This is vital, as it may be necessary to contact either party under certain circumstances.
  • Dog information – this is the information about the dog(s) involved. This helps to verify the details of the dog and should include unique identification numbers, such as the microchip number.
  • Non-disclosure terms – both parties may wish to enter an NDA to maintain anonymity and reduce chances of competition. This is especially important for rare and unique dogs.
  • Breeding terms – this may include the agreed cost of the stud dog, any future fees that may incur, etc.
  • Veterinary terms – this may include terms for an ultrasound scan, c-section, and other vital terms.
  • Financial terms – correct financial agreements helps to steer disagreements away. Money is often the biggest speedbump during contractual agreements – getting it right is essential!
  • Signature and date – a signature from both parties and two witnesses should also take place.

Important Considerations

Although both parties may have signed a contract, it is almost impossible to agree on everything. There are too many extraneous variables that can influence the thoughts, behaviour, and actions of the parties involved, especially when there are finances involved.

Here are some considerations to make when creating or signing a stud dog contract:

  • Deposit – should the client pay a deposit towards the stud, or should they pay full price?
  • Puppies – is there a minimum amount of puppies needed before full payment is required? For example, if the bitch does not give birth, is the client entitled to a free remate or refund?
  • Fees – this may include costs for artificial insemination, secured deposit, etc.
  • Veterinary services – is the client booking a c-section for their pregnant dog?
  • Breeding method – has the client agreed to artificial insemination? This provides a much better chance of a successful pregnancy.

Download A Free Stud Dog Contract Here

After reading the above, you are probably set on your decision of whether to use a stud dog contract or not. At Canine Scanning, we fully recommend implementing a stud dog contract into your terms of use. As mentioned above, it massively reduces the possibility of any legal issues and general problems that may arise from dog breeding.

Fortuantely, we have prepared a free stud dog contract for all breeders to download and use for their own good. It includes all necessary information, such as:

  • Names of both parties
  • General terms of agreement
  • Witness signatures

And lots more!

Simply click the link below to download our free contract forstud dog owners.