How Do I Breed My Dog?


A simple guide to pet breeding. How Do I Breed My Dog? The breeding and mating of two animals is an entirely natural experience that occurs across all species and sub-species. Denying your pet at least one litter is not something that is recommended by Mother Nature. However, this does not mean you should go ahead and breed your pet right away. It is vital to take the necessary precautions and consider the consequences of doing

The Importance of Sperm Testing


Sperm analysis can be utilised in a variety of manners. One possible outcome is to check the general health of your male, as the quality of his swimmers can offer a general guide. For example, a sample of semen containing sperm that lacks motility could indicate that your male is deficient in the necessary nutrients and vitamins. It is a well-known fact that traditional, lower-end dog biscuits do not offer the same benefit as raw food

Scanning at 21-days


Scanning at 21-days Ultrasound scanning is the perfect way to determine your pet's pregnancy. Recommended by fertility clinics up and down the country, it allows you to gain an accurate count of puppies without harming the animal. It is a very straightforward procedure – no unnecessary urine samples or blood tests – just our machine and your pet. Furthermore, scanning from 21-days reaps many more benefits than a 28-day scan which is suggested by many amateur

Why Should I Progesterone Test?


Why Should I Progesterone Test? With the sky-high prices of stud fees becoming more prevalent over the past five years, many breeders and pet owners are becoming worried about the risk vs reward for paying a stud fee. However, an often-overlooked alternative to guessing the correct day to mate your bitch is a simple progesterone test. Progesterone testing determines the correct day to mate your bitch with an accuracy of up to 99.2% and is vetted

Sperm Testing – What’s the Point?


Sperm Testing - What's the Point? A male’s sperm is essential in reproduction. Many dog owners do not believe it is necessary to test their pet’s sperm however this is simply not the case. Due to the nature of the diet of modern dogs, the mobility and structure of sperm can vary, leading to infertile offspring. Here are some reasons why you should book a sperm test today. Healthy, Fertile Offspring If you are hoping to

Covering all of the North West!


Canine Scanning - The Best In The North West! We specialize in the fertility of small animals, ensuring all procedures relating to the artificial insemination, ovulation testing, stud dog services, ultrasound scan and pregnancy of your pet is completed smoothly and efficiently, with the animal's/owner's needs and wants putting first. We aspire to cover all of the North West - not only the locations specified in the image but also all surrounding areas. With a

Bath Time For Beginners


Young puppies get very messy when weaning from their mother’s milk onto puppy food and also when toilet training. This makes hygiene and bathing your little one top priority. Keeping your puppy clean is important to avoid germs, bacteria and unwanted odors, although puppies do get dirty and this is all part of their learning and exploring when young. This type of care should be started from a young age as bathing and handling a litter helps

Grooming Tips – Pugs


Your Pug's grooming routine begins as soon as you bring him home. Brushing him every day gets him use to being brushed. He soon learns to enjoy it. Cleaning and caring for your pet includes bathing, cleaning the teeth, clipping the nails, caring for the anal glands, and providing him with natural foods. Feeding your pet a natural diet helps prevent many skin problems. A diet that includes lamb, beef bones, chicken, brown rice, vegetables, fruits,

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