Canine Scanning are canine reproduction expertsWe specialise in the field of canine fertility and have provided our services for over 30 years.

Our extensive time in the industry has forced experience and knowledge upon us. All our staff are thoroughly trained to deal with all types of dogs, from aggressive to nervous.

Furthermore, we also employ veterinary professionals to assist with services such as microchipping, progesterone testing, puppy vaccinations, and more.

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Artificial Insemination

A less intrusive, modern method of breeding dogs

Progesterone Testing

An excellent practice used to determine the best day of ovulation

Chilled Semen

Temporarily immobilising sperm cells for future insemination

Ultrasound Scanning

Detection of puppies using ultrasound waves

Ultrasound Scanning

Detection of puppies using ultrasound waves

What Is A Dog Fertility Clinic?

A dog fertility clinic will incorporate professional, modern, veterinary techniques to safely breed a dog. A good canine fertility clinic exists to better the lives of future and current dogs. Ideally, this should be done with complete transparency; the owner should be informed of the process each step of the way, with the chance to withdraw consent at any time. Furthermore, the owner should also be able to watch all services in action.

For example, before breeding a dog, there are many key risk assessments that should be undertook.

These may include:

  • DNA testing – Does your dog carry any critical DNA? Understanding this can help you judge a market price for your future puppies.
  • Health testing/checking – Is your bitch suitable for breeding? Does she have any co-existing health issues?
  • Quality of life – Has the owner whelped a litter before? Do they need more information?
  • Owner understanding – Has the owner bred a dog before? Do they understand the importance of artificial insemination?

By following the above steps, you can ensure your breeding process at aa dog fertility clinic is streamlinedsafe, and as smooth as possible.

What Services Do Canine Fertility Clinics Offer?

Dog reproduction clinics exist to provide a complete service to pet owners, regardless of whether they have experience with breeding.

Here are some services offered by canine fertility clinics:

  • Progesterone Testing
  • Artificial Insemination
  • Chilled Semen
  • Ultrasound Scanning
  • Stud Dogs
  • General Fertility Advice

Though not comprehensive, the above list is a fantastic guide as to what you should expect from a canine fertility clinic; a standard, of sorts.

However, Canine Scanning offer more than just basic services; we are open and transparent about all our services. We provide in-depth analysis and care for not only your furry friend, but also you, ensuring you remain happy and feel at peace whilst under our care.

Cost Of A Dog Fertility Clinic

The costs of using a dog fertility clinic should be outlined clearly by the company. Although there is a mediocre price variation, the average prices of a canine reproduction clinic are listed below.

  • Progesterone Test – £35
  • Artificial Insemination – £40
  • Ultrasound Scan – £30
  • Sperm Analysis – £40
  • Stud Dogs – £500+
  • Advice – £0

Remember – the above prices are a guide only. They only refer to the prices of Canine Scanning.

Dog breeding shouldn’t cost a fortune. We ensure our prices remain competitive with other canine fertility clinics.

Advice from Canine Scanning will always be free.