Your Pug’s grooming routine begins as soon as you bring him home. Brushing him every day gets him use to being brushed. He soon learns to enjoy it.

Cleaning and caring for your pet includes bathing, cleaning the teeth, clipping the nails, caring for the anal glands, and providing him with natural foods. Feeding your pet a natural diet helps prevent many skin problems.

A diet that includes lamb, beef bones, chicken, brown rice, vegetables, fruits, eggs, yogurt, and cheese help your Pug to maintain a healthy, shinny coat. You can also add a little olive or peanut oil to the food.

Grooming is a necessary daily ritual. Your Pug engages in self-cleaning techniques. Sometimes he chews his nails. He cares for his skin by licking and nibbling himself. He also scratches himself and rubs against furniture.

He shakes himself upon waking up from sleep. He uses his teeth and tongue as natural grooming tools. He licks and nibbles his coat to remove debris and parasites.

When your Pug completes this ritual, he rolls around in the grass to massage those areas that he could not reach with either his mouth or paw. Often, he shakes himself to put his coat back in order.

Sometimes, your Pug drags his hind region along the ground. This scooting is his way of cleaning the anal region.

Although self-grooming works to some extent, your Pug needs additional grooming. His very fine, smooth, soft coat needs daily brushing to help control shedding, and to maintain its glossiness.

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Pug Grooming Tips