What is Artificial Insemination?

Artificial Insemination for Dogs

Artificial Insemination (also known as AI) is the process of collecting semen and depositing through artificial means into the vagina of the receptive bitch. This is an alternative way of naturally mating your bitch.

At Canine Scanning, we believe that artificial insemination is the stress-free, sterile way to breed your dog. Our stud dogs don’t tie with any female dogs, therefore we can ensure that they are all clean, with no transmission of sexual diseases between dogs.

Artificial Insemination for Faster Results

Artificial insemination produces faster results and is a highly successful form of breeding. With Canine Scanning artificial insemination in particular, we give you the highest chance of success rate by fully assessing our stud dog’s sperm count prior to the insemination. This is often overlooked by other breeders or owners. If your bitch is in great condition, but the sperm isn’t the best quality possible, it significantly reduces the chance of pregnancy. At Canine Scanning, we give you the highest standard of sperm, that has been fully analysed every time.

With our artificial insemination services, you also receive a check-up of the bitch to ensure she is in good health, ready for pregnancy.

For further information, please visit our artificial insemination page, or contact us directly.

Artificial Insemination for Dogs

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