How Much is an Ultrasound for a Dog?

How Much is an Ultrasound for a Dog?

At Canine Scanning, an ultrasound for a dog is between £30 and £50 at our premises. We understand that travelling to our premises may not be convenient for you and your dog. Therefore, we also offer a mobile service. If you are based within a 100-mile radius of Canine Scanning, we can travel to you.

Our mobile service eliminates the stress of travel for your dog. Receiving a scan in the comfort of your own home makes the experience easier for both you and your dog. Prices for our mobile scanning will vary based on your location. Therefore, for more information about our mobile ultrasound scanning for your location, please get in touch today and we can discuss your individual price.

When Should my Dog be Scanned?

We recommend that ultrasound scanning takes place in the 21 – 35 day period. As earlier in that period as possible is best as it allows us to detect any possible problems, such as reabsorption and uterine problems. The health of your dog is our overall priority, so finding issues such as these as soon as possible is vital.

Ultrasound scanning is 100% safe for both the bitch and the puppies. For further information, please visit our ultrasound scanning page, or contact us directly.

Artificial Insemination for Dogs

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