How Long Are Dogs Pregnant For?

How Long Are Dogs Pregnant For?

How many days a dog pregnant for is around 63 days (9 weeks). It is important to note that this can vary by a few days. The dog gestation timescale is measured from the day they ovulate (release their eggs) to the day the puppies arrive. As this is such a short period of time, the puppies develop very quickly in the womb. For more information on the dog gestation period, see below:

  • Week 1, 2 and 3: Your dog may have small changes in behaviour such as being more affectionate, or the opposite, more withdrawn. She may also experience some morning sickness or fatigue.
  • Week 4: By the beginning of week 4, it is time for your dog to have an ultrasound and confirm her pregnancy. You may also be able to get an idea about the size of the litter. Early ultrasounds help detect any potential issues and ensure she is having a healthy pregnancy.
  • Week 5: Your dog’s weight will increase as the first stage of gestation is complete as the puppies start to form more and grow rapidly.
  • Week 6: As well as an enlarged stomach, her nipples will also darken. Her diet will also change at this point and it is important that she receives the correct amount of food.
  • Week 7: Your bitch will start to shed the hair on her stomach, ready for the birth and feeding the puppies.
  • Week 8: At the end of week 7 and into week 8, your bitch may begin nesting. This is her preparing for whelping. Help her out by finding her a quiet, warm space where she and the puppies will be for the first few weeks post birth.
  • Week 9: Prepare for the arrival of your puppies. Consult your vet if you have any worries about your bitch and make sure her nesting area is completely ready for the arrival of the puppies.

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