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When Can You Scan a Dog For Pregnancy?

Ultrasound Scanning for Dogs

A dog can be scanned by Canine Scanning from 21 days for confirmation of pregnancy however for an accurate count we recommend between 25-35 days. An earlier scan allows for not only confirmation of pregnancy but it also ensures we pick up on any possible issues as soon as possible. An example of some of the issues that we can detect early are reabsorption and uterine problems. If you require an earlier scan, we scan from 18 days, but we recommend from 21 days onwards for the best results.

At Canine Scanning, early scans have helped us save numerous dog’s lives by picking up on major health issues quickly. Some of our competitors only scan from 35 days. However, at Canine Scanning, we believe that this is far too late, and the benefits of an early scan are too important to ignore.

Mobile Scanning

We can also scan at your convenience with our mobile scanning. We work within a 100-mile radius of our premises to bring our ultrasound scanning to you. This allows your bitch to remain calm by being in the stress-free, familiar environment of your home.

If you would like to hear the heartbeats of the puppies, this is usually possible between 24-26 days of pregnancy.

For further information, please visit our ultrasound scanning page or contact Canine Scanning directly.

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When can you scan a dog for pregnancy?
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