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How Much Does Artificial Insemination For Dogs Cost?

Artificial Insemination for Dogs

Artificial insemination from Canine Scanning costs £35.00. It is the sterile way to breed your dog, without the stress of natural mating. It is the faster and more successful form of breeding, without the worry of sexually transmitted diseases.

We also offer a mobile service, within a 100-mile radius of our premises. This means that you don’t have to travel to artificially inseminate your bitch, we can come to you. For this service, please get in touch to discuss your location and the overall cost.

Not only is our service mobile, we can also ensure that our stud dog’s sperm is of the highest quality. We check our stud dog’s sperm count before insemination to give the best possible chance of pregnancy.

Health Check Before Artificial Insemination

As well as artificial insemination, this service also includes a check-up of your bitch, to ensure she is in good health for pregnancy and to detect any underlying issues.

At Canine Scanning, we have a number of stud dogs available in a wide selection of breeds. All of our stud dogs are from pure bloodlines and are available to view on our stud dog page.

For more information about the costs of our artificial insemination service, please contact us today or visit our artificial insemination page.

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Artificial Insemination for Dogs
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