French Bulldog Stud Dogs

French Bulldogs are renowned for their companionship. Originating in France, this beautiful breed eventually spread across the water to the U.K and now reside in almost every country in the world.

Take a look at our most popular Frenchie Stud Dogs below.

Most Popular

Canine Scanning have a great deal of French Bulldog Stud Dogs. We offer standard colours, rare colours (such as lilac, tan, merle, etc) and even Fluffy French Bulldogs.

This Is How To Start Breeding French Bulldogs

Breeding dogs is no easy feat. But as it becomes more popular and more regulated, it is more-so important to understand the safest method to start breeding French Bulldogs (and any other breed!).

Step 1: Consult With A Vet

Your first step should be to consult with a veterinary professional. This can confirm whether your dog is healthy enough for breeding and whether the offspring are likely to be healthy.

It is important to note that your dog must also meet the regulations of your local kennel licensing, such as when looking to breed French Bulldogs in the U.K.

This often includes:

  • age requirements
  • breed-specific requirements
  • maximum amount of breeding litters
  • health testing

Step 2: Contact A Canine Reproduction Clinic

Next, you should consult with a reproduction clinic, such as Canine Scanning. A professional clinic will always ensure the best outcome for your pet. At Canine Scanning, we have over 30 years of experience assisting pet owners from across the globe. We have a great success rate and provide top-tier customer care.

The clinic should discuss the best options with you. This may include progesterone testing and artificial insemination. They should also assist you with finding a stud dog, such as those displayed above.

Our partner, Ivy Rose Puppies, are our number one recommendation for top-quality French Bulldog Stud Dogs.

Step 3: Breed Your Dog!

The final step is arguably the most important – breed your French Bulldog!

After discussing your possibilities and the best course of action, the likelihood is that you will need two ties, whether it be natural or artificial. You should be content with your stud dog, ensuring it is the perfect match for your girl. Moreover, you should receive adequate aftercare from both parties – the reproduction clinic and the stud dog owner!

Should I Breed My French Bulldog?

This is one of the most important questions you should ask yourself.

Breeding a dog has many implications, both positive and negative. These may include:

  • a calmer temperament
  • an improved sense of handling younger dogs
  • knowledge and experience for the breeder

You should always ensure your dog is fully health tested before breeding. Furthermore, you should also apply this rule to the stud dog and the eventual litter.

Do French Bulldogs Breed Naturally?

Most dogs have the ability to breed naturally. However, such refined breeds often face issues when attempting to naturally tie.

For example, French Bulldogs are known for their flat faces. If a stud becomes too excited before the tie they are susceptible to overheating and overworking themselves. At this point, a natural tie is highly unlikely to take place.

For this reason, Canine Scanning thoroughly recommend that all pet owners utilise a more modern breeding technique such as Artificial Insemination.

It is much safer and offers a higher chance of a successful litter.