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Are you facing a pregnancy with your dog? Canine Scanning has over 30 years of experience with dogs, leading us to become industry experts in canine behaviour, especially during ultrasound scans for dogs.

We operate clinically, keeping hygiene at optimum levels and performing to only the highest standards. As we take pride in our services, we allow every customer to observe the screen of the machine whilst a scan is being performed, meaning there is 100% transparency between you and us.

Scanning Dogs

What Is An Ultrasound Scan?

An ultrasound scan is a process of investigating the womb of a dog. It uses high-frequency waves to create an image of the inside of the body and is an entirely harmless procedure. It can be used to observe puppies, diagnose conditions and guide surgeons during certain procedures.

Dog Pregnancy

What Will An Ultrasound Scan Show In A Dog?

Although sonography can be limited, this certainly isn’t the case when observing pregnancy.

It allows for a full display of the womb on a screen (often projected onto a 4K monitor) and is very useful when looking at the organs inside the abdomen. This includes the liver, stomach, intestines, bladder, and more.

A professional sonographer can count the number of puppies in the womb, suspect an infection, and offer general advice to the pet owner.

What Is The Average Cost Of An Ultrasound Scan For A Dog?

The average cost for an ultrasound scan can range from £30 – £90, dependent on full services offered and the timing of the procedure.

At Canine Scanning, we offer a flat rate of £30 for all ultrasound scans performed – we believe no pet owner should have to pay more for a solid, reputable service.

It is common to find most veterinary practices charging expensive prices for ultrasound scans – between the range of £60 – £150. This is unnecessary as the procedure is straightforward and does not require any anaesthesia. Therefore there is a lack of justification for such large prices.

When Should I Get An Ultrasound Scan For My Dog?

Ultrasounds can detect pregnancy from 21-22 days after first mating, but this is presuming there were progesterone tests performed. Many pet owners are prone to accidental ties, matings and breedings, therefore you should book an ultrasound scan at 28 days if you didn’t have any progesterone tests.

Furthermore, a heartbeat can be detected in ultrasounds, alongside infection, therefore they can be deemed as essential services for a dog’s pregnancy.

Do Dogs Get Sedated For Ultrasound?

Anaesthesia should not be used for even the most vicious and aggressive dogs. It is unnecessary and can incur large fees to the customer. Instead, the practitioner should be able enough to maintain a good degree of control over the animal and observe behaviours to calm the animal down.

To elaborate, there have been numerous times in our clinic where we faced a great deal of resistance from large, aggressive dogs, but have maintained our professionalism and managed to calm the animal down before performing the procedure.