Scanning at 21-days

Ultrasound scanning is the perfect way to determine your pet’s pregnancy. Recommended by fertility clinics up and down the country, it allows you to gain an accurate count of puppies without harming the animal. It is a very straightforward procedure – no unnecessary urine samples or blood tests – just our machine and your pet. Furthermore, scanning from 21-days reaps many more benefits than a 28-day scan, which many amateur clinics suggest. And here’s why.


When performing a 28-day scan, it is much harder for gestational abnormalities to be detected. 

For example, environmental stimuli have a massive impact on the success rate of pregnancy. Your pet must be kept in a warm, enclosed environment during the period of their pregnancy; a state of fear typically leads to reabsorption of the puppies.

Our staff has a vast amount of experience. With our specialised scanning technology, we can scan at an earlier date, and any malformations in the womb can be detected and possibly rectified.

Our Guarantee

Acknowledging that your pet hasn’t conceived is no easy feat—three weeks of wishful nights and hopeful days all for nothing. You’ve scanned your pet, and there doesn’t seem to be any puppies.

That’s why at Canine Scanning, we offer a free scan at 35-days, providing your female was blood tested before mating. An excellent level of trust between our team and our customers allows us to offer this scan at no extra cost.

What Next?

Many clinics offer a “35-day scan”, and on the occasion where no pup is seen, the owner is led to believe the bitch was never pregnant in the first place. This can lead to complications with the stud dog owner and queries into the artificial insemination process. 

So, why not contact us now and book your pet in for a scan? Our social media handles, phone number, and email services are available 24/7.