Young puppies get very messy when weaning from their mother’s milk onto puppy food and also when toilet training. This makes hygiene and bathing your little one top priority. Keeping your puppy clean is important to avoid germs, bacteria and unwanted odors, although puppies do get dirty and this is all part of their learning and exploring when young.

This type of care should be started from a young age as bathing and handling a litter helps with human contact socialization. Your puppy will get used to human handling, water, drying, brushing and trimming, depending on the breed of dog.

Your dog’s coat requires its natural oils to help it stay in good condition which keeps it soft and healthy, so therefore a guideline of approximately every 4-6 weeks to bath a dog gives owners a guide. Bathing and coat care guidelines will also depend on your dog’s coat type and breed, so it is always helpful to get advice from a professional groomer or do a bit of research into caring for your breed’s coat as some coats require more or less care maintenance than others. As for your litter of messy puppies, you will find yourself cleaning them a bit more frequently.

Consider using quality dog products when bathing your puppy and also consider your breed as some breeds suffer from allergies, skin problems and have more delicate coats. It’s wise to consider the type, length, texture of the coat and the skin type too when purchasing dog shampoos and conditioners.

This may be a new experience for your young puppy therefore it may be a little bit scary at first, but overtime it will become part of your puppy’s care routine. If your puppy seems nervous then you will need to give him a lot of reassurance, keep a positive tone to your voice, make sure he feels secure and make the experience as calm as possible. If your puppy thinks this is a fun time to play such as trying to play or chew the towel etc, remember you’re in control and with patience and guidance your puppy will soon learn to enjoy bath time.

Puppy bathing tips

  • Introducing your pup to  his first bath should be calm, confident and a happy experience. Make it enjoyable and relaxing for your puppy with lots of praise and reassurance throughout bathing and drying.
  • Be prepared – get a towel, shampoo, possibly a beaker or cup to pour water over your puppy’s back and possibly a hair dryer ready for when they get out.
  • Prepare lukewarm water so that the puppy is bathing in comfortable temperature and have your shampoo at the ready
  • Be sure to introduce your puppy slowly and carefully to the water.
  • Apply shampoo and massage well into your puppy’s coat and make sure you always rinse very well leaving no shampoo in his coat.
  • Be careful and ensure that shampoo does not get into your puppy’s eyes and ears as this will cause irritation.
  • Your puppy may shake off the water from their coat when out of the water, which is a natural reaction for canines.
  • Consider the best method for drying your puppy, you can either rub him with a warm towel or using a hair dryer. This can be a normal hairdryer as long as the heat setting is set to low and you keep some distance from the pups coat. Keep the hair dryer a fair distance from the face and muzzle area as he may be a bit more sensitive here.
  • Like with anything new, a hairdryer must be introduced slowly as they may be frightened by the sound of it and put him off in the near future.
  • A dog hair dryer or dog blaster may be worth considering as your puppy grows into an adult dog, but as a puppy a dog blaster drier will be powerful for a young puppy’s coat.
  • Be sure to wear old clothes as I can guarantee you won’t be staying dry with those little wrigglers…