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Bath Time For Beginners


Young puppies get very messy when weaning from their mother’s milk onto puppy food and also when toilet training. This makes hygiene and bathing your little one top priority. Keeping your puppy clean is important to avoid germs, bacteria and unwanted odors, although puppies do get dirty and this is all part of their learning and exploring when young. This type of care should be started from a young age as bathing and handling a litter helps

Grooming Tips – Pugs


Your Pug's grooming routine begins as soon as you bring him home. Brushing him every day gets him use to being brushed. He soon learns to enjoy it. Cleaning and caring for your pet includes bathing, cleaning the teeth, clipping the nails, caring for the anal glands, and providing him with natural foods. Feeding your pet a natural diet helps prevent many skin problems. A diet that includes lamb, beef bones, chicken, brown rice, vegetables, fruits,

Welcome to our blog…


Welcome to our brand new website caninescanning.co.uk. This is our first blog post and is just here to get us started. We love everything about dogs so our aim here is to post articles, give advice and share our thoughts about our little furry friends. Feel free to ask us questions or get in touch if you require any of our services. Contact us

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